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Polished Polish Prestidigitation

  • Eight Top Flight Close-up Routines by a Real Pro!

Polished Polish Prestidigitation 

By John Thompson

Edited by Jeff Busby

This is an assortment of material from one of the legends and a past master in the craft of Magic. All of the items are thoroughly described.

Eight Top Flight Close-up Routines by a Real Pro!
Only The Title is misleading as this is serious and deceptive close-up magic!

Contents Include:

  • Les Quick Cartes: Three cards are given the power to become duplicates of three different selections, one at a time.
  • Benson's Bowl: John Thompson's professional handling and presentation of Roy Benson's classic 'Bowl Routine'.
  • Garbage Collectors: John Thompson's original method and handling for Roy Walton's 'Collectors' plot
  • Wings of Warsaw: An original dove from silk production which may be used in any situation.
  • The Empty Balloon: The 'Signed Card in Balloon' plot brought up to date for close-up work.
  • Polish Epic: A close-up version of 'Mental Epic' done with a minimum of props.
  • Chink-A-Chink: John Thompson's superb handling of the original Max Malini routine.
  • KF + BC + EM² = Another Universal: A 'Universal Card' takes on the identity of three selections, one at a time, and then is shown to be nothing but a blank card.

Details: Polished Polish Prestidigitation
©1981 John Thompson; Busby-Corin, Inc.
 39 pages, softcover, comb-bound, size 6" by 9".

Please Note: While the copies we have are Not used, they do show some wear because of age (1981) and warehouse storage. They are Second editions and are complete as far as all the black and white pages. The White covers do show some smudges and lite dirt mostly because they are White covers. A few copies have a small cut corner on the first page, which is blank where a price was originally written. This is why we're letting these go for half what many other dealers are charging.


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