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Used-Mark Wilson's Greatest Card Tricks Book

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  • Dust Jacket has a few Issues,
  • Otherwise Book is in Excellent Condition!

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Mark Wilson's Greatest Card Tricks

Published by Courage Books, ©1993.

A guide to mastering the techniques of card tricks.

With this book and an ordinary deck of cards, anyone can become a sleight-of-hand artist. Wilson shares the secrets behind his favorite card tricks and shows you how to force cards, throw cards, and cut the deck with a flourish.

The book provides detailed information on how to perform a variety of card tricks, including descriptions of the trick in practice, directions for preparing the cards, and step-by-step performance instructions

Magic Methods Review: This used copy is in Good shape overall especially under the dustjacket. It is a Hardbound book. Only the cover and jacket are in Color the rest of the book is in black and white print. The dust jacket has a few issues where price stickers were removed and left a residue, a few wrinkles & scratches.There are hundreds of line drawings to learn the magic from. The dust jacket has a place on the back where the original price sticker was removed see photo. The binding is a little loose. Upon a brief flip thru I see no extraneous marks on the pages. If you have questions please call or e-mail Eddy and he'll get right back to you.

Contents Include:

Card Magic 

Chapter 1 Card-Handling Techniques
8 Riffle Shuffle 
9 Table Shuffle
10 Dealing the Cards 

Chapter 2 Self-Working Card Tricks
12 Double Turnover
14 Signed Card in Wallet 
16 Torn and Restored Card 

Chapter 3 Hindu Shuffle Tricks
19 Hindu Shuffle
20 How to Use the Hindu Shuffle 
20 Hindu Glimpse 
21 Hindu Key-Cord Location 
22 Hindu Flash Force 
23 Color-Changing Decks - Two-Deck Version 
25 Hindu Shuffle - Bottom Stock Control
25 False Cut
26 Hindu Shuffle - Pick-Up Control 

 Chapter 4 Overhand Shuffle Tricks
29 Overhand Shuffle 
29 Overhand Reverse Shuffle 
30 Overhand In-Jog Control 
31 Card Case Escape 
32 Shuffle Control with Key Card 
33 Overhand Shuffle Control - Top Cord to Bottom 
33 Overhand Shuffle Control - Bottom Card to Top 
34 Overhand In-Jog Top Card Control 
34 Magnetized Card 
35 Overhand In-Jog Control - Placing a Card at a Specific Location in the Deck 
36 Surprise Appearance

Chapter 5 Forcing a Card
38 Slip Force - First Method 
39 Slip Force - Second Method
40 10-20 Count Force 
41 Rollover Force

Chapter 6 Double Lift Tricks
43 Little Finger Break 
44 Double Lift
45 Riffle Revelation 
46 Snap-lt! 
47 Color Changing Aces No. 1
49 Sandwiched Aces 
51 Double Thought Projection

 Chapter 7 Glide Tricks
54 The Glide
55 The Glide - Alternate Method 
55 Color Change Aces No. 2 - Double Lift and Glide
57 Oil and Water 
58 Birds of a Feather

Chapter 8 Short Card Tricks
62 How to Make a Short Card 
62 How to Riffle the Short Card to the Top 
63 Short Card to Bottom 
64 Short Card as Locator 
65 Surprise Discovery - Short Card as Locator 
65 Quick Riffle Location

66 Chapter 9 Giant Card Tricks
67 Bigger Card Trick
68 Sympathetic Cards 
71 Applause Card 
72 Double Applause Card 

Chapter 10 Special Card Tricks
74 Self-Reversing Pack
75 Self-Reversing Pack - Outdone
76 Grant's Superior Card Trick 

Chapter 11 Flourishes
80 One-Hand Cut - Basic Method 
81 One-Hand Cut - First Variation 
82 One-Hand Cut - Second Variation
83 Ribbon Spread
84 Ribbon Spread Turnover
85 Turnover Control
85 Pressure Fan
87 One-Hand Fan


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