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Between The Lines by Michael Murray/Used

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Between The Lines

by Michael Murray 


“Let’s Go On A  Journey Of The Mind”

From the publisher's ad copy…..


Magicbox is pleased to announce the release of a revolutionary new Mentalism routine. It has long been said that the strongest effects are those which happen in the hands of the spectator, what if the effect could take place in the spectators mind? “Between the Lines” combines some revolutionary thinking with a classic mentalism effect to create one of the most powerful routines available to date!.


The Effect: A spectator is handed a page torn from a novel. After the performer briefly sets the scene, the spectator is asked to describe details of what the story involves. The page is then cleanly opened out and read aloud. To the spectator’s amazement, the text accurately reflects the scene they constructed in their mind only moments before.


What you receive: A 17-page Booklet of instruction and pages from a novel.

Please NOTE; This booklet is from a consignment lot of items from a customer. The booklet is in fine condition.
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Only 1 left!