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Hypnotic Ten Card Poker Demonstration

  • You Can Look Like a Real Card Shark!
  • Complete with Jumbo Bicycle Brand Cards!
  • A Great Routine for a Mental Magic Act!

Hypnotic 10 Card Poker Demonstration

by Larry Becker

A professional presentation by Larry Becker!! An outstanding “Stand Up” poker deal presentation!

Through a special arrangement with Larry Becker, Magic Methods is pleased to offer it to our customers.

In the trick, the performer wins several poker hands from two apparently hypnotized assistants. As a climax, he wins a $2000 bet with a full house! Most amazing of all, he has predicted this in advance!! The centerpiece of this fine effect is a bright vinyl signboard approximately 11 by 17 inches with the rank of poker hands silk screened on it. The sign serves two purposes in the presentation. For those who are not serious poker players, it lists the poker hand ranking so they can easily follow. And, the back of the sign bears the prediction! The signboard provided has a transparent vinyl pocket covering the entire rear of the sign. It contains a preprinted prediction that you will win the final bet. Extra pieces of cardstock are included so you can customize the prediction to suit your desires. The effect is supplied complete with thick Bicycle brand jumbo cards, the special signboard, and Larry Becker’s own instructions for the routine. Easy to perform. Capable of either a humorous or serious presentation.


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