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Himber Ring - Signet Sytle

  • SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

Himber Ring – Signet Style

This ring is a different shape, but will work virtually all the same effects as the Wedding Band design, found elsewhere on this site. Also gold plated and size 9. Complete with instructions for the miracle routine of linking of three borrowed rings. While linked, each spectator identifies his own ring!! If you do not already possess a Himber Ring, do not pass up this opportunity to get one at this great price while they last.

Note: The Himber Ring is used as a secret gimmick; the spectators should not be aware you have a ring of your own involved in the routine. You certainly do not wear it, so the size need not fit your finger at all.

Comes with basic instructions for the linking of three borrowed rings. We recommend you take a look at Jerry Mentzer's fine book - "Magic With Himber Rings" found else where on this site for additional information on using the ring and routines.

SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

Media Type Shipped Product

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