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Hat Tear - Mouse Style

  • Easy To Do!
  • Comedy Fun for Family Audiences!
  • 10 Pieces par Package!

Bumper's Magical Workshop


Mouse Style Hat Tears

​A Fun Magical Gift, Easy To Do, Anytime, Anywhere! 

Basic Effect: The Magician invites a small child to the stage. Then he promptly tears two pieces of tissue paper into small pieces. A few magical words and a wave of the wand or hand, lots of optional options for comedy gags here. IE: The Break-away wand or Break-away Fan, Nest of Wands, etc. and the paper has now not only restored but has turned into a large hat with mouse ears. sort of like that famous Disney™ Mouse! With the permission of the child the hat is placed on their head as a souvenir of the performance. This is a great routine especially for Birthday parties, you can use the hat for boys and girls of almost any age. It is also suitable for most family style shows as it's not a celebration type hat as many of the others sold. If you come up with a nice personal story about your first visit to DisneyLand™ or Disney World™ or maybe a story about seeing Mickey Mouse™ on television with Walt Disney, etc. you'll hav the beginnings of a great personal routine. 

Of course, you could continue the routine by adding a paper Mouth Coil paper production to the routine and produce it from the Hat. Another idea we've seen great success with is having two children, a boy and a girl, on stage for this "Feature" routine and make the Mouse hat then proceed to make a "pants tear" or other type of hat tear with the other child. 

This item comes complete with basic instructions, and enough to pre-made tissue paper pieces to perform the Mouse Hat 10 times. Easy to do, but practice first!


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