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Fakini Diminishing Egg

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  • Collectible Magic Prop!
  • Egg diminishes visibly one third of its original size!

Frank Radtke's House of Fakini 


The Diminishing Egg

Effect: Imagine causing an egg to diminish in size bit by bit! A normal looking egg diminishes visibly one third of its original size. First the egg goes from a normal size to half its size, and finally it changes into a tiny egg.

While there are written instructions included that explain the Carl Ballantine Routine for the Diminishing Golf Ball the Egg prop works the same way, the printing of the instructions is not the best as the font Frank used had drop out, but it should be difficult to figure out the routine. This routine would be Great for stage or parlor shows, you could even perform this in a close-up show.

The Diminishing Egg matches the multiplying eggs in quality and material. It works just like the Diminishing Golf Ball Trick which has been around for years, but now made in top quality!

Please Note: We found a few of these in the warehouse. They are in the original containers as sold by House of Fakini. Frank packaged these in two ways, we have some in the clear round tubes with the orange caps and some in the clear square boxes. We can not be sure of their age, etc. They are sold "As Is" for the magic collector. Please note that some of the silicone eggs show some dents from age being in storage. These were never used. We have inspected them and they seem complete but since the manufacting company is long out of business we can't be sure. These are now very rare and sought after by collectors. 

Skill level: Intermediate to advanced.

Media Type Shipped Product

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