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Evaporated Milk Bottler

  • Milke Diminishes Right in Front of Their Eyes!
  • Great Magic Utility Prop to Routine with Other Items!
  • Can Be Used in Many Different Ways!


Performer displays a bottle full of milk. The milk diminishes right in front of the eyes of the spectators to a fraction of the original contents. The Evaporated Milk Bottle is a utility prop you can use in many different ways. Although similar in function to glasses and jugs that vanish milk, the construction of the prop in the form of a regular milk bottle (3" diameter, 8.5" high) makes this seem like an ordinary every day object, least likely to arouse suspicion as a gimmicked magician’s prop. Due to the very special construction involved, this is a rare prop, not the type performers with some do-it yourself ability can rig up at home.

Instructions give you ideas for many magical routines using this utility milk vanish.

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