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The Eternal Life Assurance Insurance Policy

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  • Great for Church Banquets!
  • Use at Upward Events!

The Eternal Assurance Insurance Policy Trick

It's the old Magician's Insurance policy routine with a gospel theme.

Basic effect: Looks like a real insurance policy and can be done anyplace during your program. Performer announces that he has an insurance policy that guarantees eternal life. He asks someone to take a card but NOT to look at it. Then the performer reads the terms of the policy guaranteeing eternal life. When the spectator looks at his card, he is startled to see it is a card with a Christ head printed on it. The performer opens the policy to reveal a large matching Christ head printed on it.

You receive: The printed insurance policy fold-out, a deck of cards, and complete instructions.

Skill level: Intermediate beginner. Suitable for ages 13 to adult.

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