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Hollywood Foam Boulder

  • Fake Movie Prop!!
  • Looks Absolutely Real!
  • Made of Lightweight Foam!

Hollywood Fake Foam Boulder Prop

Hollywood Fake Foam Boulders look just like real granite - without all the extra weight! Hand-crafted of lightweight foam! Toss this one around without any harm to anyone!

Uses Include:

  • Toss Into Your Audience to Select a Volunteerteer!
  • As a Sight Gag - Hang it from your ceiling with a piece of sturdy rope!
  • Conversation Starter In Your Office!
  • Use As A Paper Weight!
  • Use as Punch Line to Insurance Joke - "I own a piece of The Rock" - "You can't take it for Granite" - show it's made of foam.
  • As just a practical Joke!

Foam latex lightweight realistic-looking Boulder. Approximately size, (as each one is hand-made) is 7 inches by 7 inches by 5 inches.

Note: if you're using more than one boulder or rock and they tend to cling or stick together Do Not Pull them apart. Allow them to "Breathe" outside of their package for at least an hour, they should separate by themselves.


Media Type Shipped Product

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