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B.B.B.= The Sponge Baby Banana Bonus by Dan Garrett

Only 2 left!
  • Foam Baby Bananas to use With the Famous Multiplying Banana Trick
  • Four Hand Cut Mini Bananas
  • Very Limited Supply-Dan is No Longer Making These!


by Dan Garrett

The Baby Banana Bonus is a supplemental routine designed to enhance the original "World Famous Banana Trick". You should have the Banana Trick and be familiar with its working to derive maximum use of the Baby Banana Bonus. These fine miniature sponge bananas, approximately 3 1/4 inches long, are made with the same individual care as the regular sponge bananas. They will add new laughs plus a magical new dimension to the Banana Trick.

Additional ideas: After you have performed the original "World Famous Multiplying Banana Routine" and the “bunch” of bananas in the paper bag have completely vanished. You hand the spectator two of the regular sized sponge bananas in a clenched fist, and the bananas in the spectator’s hand produce four sponge mini-bananas (in the fine tradition of the “multiplying rabbits”). TADA a Grand Finish!

The bananas may also be used as production items, as they fit into any load chamber.

We have a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY as Dan is no Longer making these hand Made Foam Bananas

SKILL LEVEL-Basic. Suitable for ages 10 to adult.

Tags Famous Banana Routine, Multiplying Banana Trick, Baby Banana Bonus
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