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Marked Deck by Fantasma

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  • Professional Magic That's Easy To Do!

One Only - Open Deck

Marked Deck of Cards by Fantasma

Marked cards will allow you to read your friends mind!

Marked cards are mostly associated with gambling and card cheating, however, magicians sometimes rely on marked magic cards to identify a single card or groups of cards. Marked magic cards typically feature symbols or letters that are subtly worked into the back design of the cards. These symbols are designed to easily identify a card at a glance but aren't apparent to spectators unless they know what to look for.

Instructions are included for 20 amazing tricks with this special marked deck. The instructions are provided in three languages, English, Spanish and French.

  • Amaze your friends with card tricks that will keep them guessing!
  • Professional magic made easy!
  • Designed for magicians to use for card tricks but can be used for card games.
  • Sold for Fun & Entertainment Purposes Only! Not to be used for cheating at gambling.

Skill Level: Intermediate. Suitable for ages 10 years and up.

Please Note: This specific deck has been opened from it's original packaging but hasn't been used. It is being sold "as is". It is marked down for this reason. See photos.

Media Type Shipped Product

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