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Light-Up Glass - Champagne

  • This Light Up Glass works well with a D'Lite™ Routine!
  • Easy To Use, plastic Glass!
  • Holds Liquid too!

Light Up Champagne Glass

Just Pour a drink in and watch the light turn on Instantly!



Light up your life and your magic act with this new effect. A sturdy, silver stemmed plastic champagne glass is exhibited. It is empty. With one hand reach into the air and produce a glowing red light with one hand. Apparently toss it into this glass and the red light is now in the glass. Tilt it back out of the glass into your hands again. The glass contains the necessary batteries and the light mechanism, and two concealed switches to turn the light on and off.. Use it in conjunction with the well-known D’Lite™ effect, to create the complete routine. Complete with batteries.

Please Note: These glasses have been in our warehouse storage for many years. The batteries may need to be replaced for this reason we have reduced the price. It takes two of the AG-13 batteries. Like a hearing aid battery. These glasses are no longer manufactured, these are dated 2000.


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