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DVD - Salvano - Thumb Tips GMVL Vol.#10

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  • DVD Video Format!

DVD - Salvano on Thumb Tips

Volume #10 in The Greater Magic Video Library Series


"It's an honor for me to make the first vidoe tapes on Thumb Tip Magic  for our fraternity" --Salvano

Salvano's talent and well loved charm make him one of Europe's busiest stage magicians. This charisma comes alive in his interview on magic's usage and future entertainment potential. Pure artistry in motion follows as Salvano performs his world-renowned act.

A Smash Hit at the Las Vegas Desert Magic Seminar in 1985!

Exclusive to this volume are the psychology, philosophy, and techniques of mastering the "biggest little item in magic"...the Thumb Tip. Salvano breathes new life into the device when he performs the Silk Fantasy and the Washing Machine effect. Even with all the information published on Thumb Tips, Salvano catapults the power of performing and teaching it to new heights taking it into the realm of stage and parlor magic. His work promises to kindle some of the spirited fire experienced at the Seminar bringing you to a newfound fervor for the art.

Details: DVD Video format.

Note - Volume #9 has the same interview and act, but contains a complete collection of powerful rope miracles.

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