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DVD - Bobo - GMVL #23

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DVD on J.B. Bobo Vol. #23

In The Steven's 

Greater Magic Video Library

This remarkable legacy of being a pioneer school-show performer-which escapes all other magicians becomes believable when Bobo reveals he's performed over 13,000 shows. Bobo and Lillian remain busy trekking across Texas performing 300 shows a year.

On this DVD there are three parts. Part I-Interview with Bobo; Part II-Bobo's School Show (taped in front of an audience of children) and Part III-Bobo's Close Up Act Bobo on Coin Vanishes, Tenkai Pennies, Traveling Quarters, Chinese Money, and more...

Bobo's revolutionary Color Changing Dice trick alone is worth the price of the DVD!


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