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DVD - Coin Classics Vol.1 GMVL

DVD - Coin Classics Vol.1 GMVL

The fifth volume of the Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In Sessions encompasses coin artists from around the world. Some of the finest coin routines from the library, plus some new material as well, will give the coin aficionado a smorgasbord of wonderful coin magic effects. 

Fourteen different effects by 13 magical performers are certain to please everyone who views this educational video. These classic legends, along with contemporary artists in America and international countries add a spice of life, to your magic life. 

Artists shown on this video are David Acer, Don Alan, Michael Ammar, Bobo, Vanni Bossi, John Born, Eugene Burger, John Carney, Daryl, Gary Kurtz, Jay Marshall, David Regal and Jay Sankey.


Details: Video DVD format

Media Type Shipped Product

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