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Derek Dingle's Last Notes CD-Rom

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TIME Magazine called Derek Dingle "...the greatest card manipulator..."

Derek Dingle's Last Notes CD-Rom

by Lovell and Morotta

Here for the first time is Derek Dingle’s Walk Around Close Up Act. Every effect was routined to be instantly repeatable. No resets. This is what makes the act perfect for walk around magic, no stealthy trips to the bathroom. Everything included: sleights, routine and complete patter. Includes: Ambitious Card, Ring Flight, Coins Across, Cigarette Through Quarter, and more!

Derek Dingle's Last Notes is now on CD-ROM! If you missed out on buying the original manuscript, it can be your's DIGITALLY! The 46 page book has been converted into a PDF file which can be viewed on your personal computer!(Mac & PC)

Magicians loved watching Derek Dingle perform. They loved to see effects from "Dingle's Deception's" and "The Complete Works of Derek Dingle." But when Derek worked for real people (non magicians) he did Five (5) classic effects. He did them better than anyone else. Here, for the first time, is Derek's Walk Around Close Up Act. Every effect was routined to be instantly repeatable. No reset. This is what makes the act perfect for walk around magic, no stealthy trips to the bathroom are necessory. Everything is included: Sleights, routine and complete patter.

Routines include...

  • Ambitious Card: The signed card ends up in an envelope. The notes also explain how to set the envelope during the routine.
  • Ring Flight: Performed without a jacket. A real stunner.
  • Coins Across: Performed under test conditions in the spectator's hand. Direct, clear and very funny.
  • Cigarette Through Quarter: Another Great insight into derek's magical mind. Here you learn how to turn a weakness into a strength.
  • The Collectors: This never before published effect is included to give the reader an insight into Dereck's thinking. The collector effect has been tackled by many great card men. Derek simplifies the handling and eliminates one of the plots major flaws. An understanding of this effect will improved your performance immensely.

Also included in this collection:

  • The FB Pass: If you've ever seen it you know it is the best. It's easier than you think but it has never been fully or adequately described, until now. Very few people do a good pass, even fewer do Derek's. These notes teach Derek's pass. Completely illustrated.
  • The Derek Dingle Fabulous Jumping Card Trick: This is Derek's handling of the Edward Victor Eleven Card trick and it is one of his favorites. Edward Victor's plot has been retained but all of the handling has been changed completely. The false count is completely explained.
  • The Whispering Queen: A quick, funny version with variations by Simon Lovell and Rich Marotta.
  • Sympathetic Cards: Which includes Derek's work on how to make gimmicked cards. 
  • PLUS additional material by Richard Kaufman!

All of Derek's lines, jokes and bit's are included. Written by Rich Marotta and Simon Lovell, two magicians that worked with Derek often. Buy yours before they're all gone!

Details: Derek Dingle's Last Notes CD-Rom

This CD disk contains a Pdf of the information in 46 Pages with over 40 Illustrations.

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