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25 Awesome Card Tricks Set by Railing

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25 Awesome Card Tricks Set

By John Railing

Includes a Book plus a Deck of playing cards and Two Magic Cards!

Have you ever wanted to fascinate your friends with illusions? Developed by John Railing, one of the country’s top close-up magicians, this kit will help you learn twenty-five awesome card tricks. The paperback instruction book offers easy-to-follow directions for tricks like Card in a Dream, Mixed Up Aces, Follow the Leader, Kings and Aces, and more! A deck of 54 cards is also included—two of which are trick cards! With a little practice, you can enchant friends and family by performing the card wizardry learned with this kit.

Please note: This book has been discontinued by the publisher. The few copies we have left are on sale and are remainders from retail store stock, meaning there may be dents and scratches on the outside cover from browsing. Otherwise the volume is complete.

Details: 25 Awesome Card Tricks Set

96 page book and a deck of playing cards with two magic cards included.



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