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DVD - Dennis Loomis Knot Routine +

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Dennis Loomis Knot Routine Plus

DVD Video Format

The most comprehensive video assemblage of Magical Knots and Rope Flourishes ever produced. The backbone is the Dennis Loomis Knot Routine. Each of the Knots in Dennis' routine is performed and then explained. Following that, there is a big collection of additional knots and rope flourishes performed and demonstrated by Dennis Loomis, Mary Mowder, Dick Oslund, and Bill Spooner. Also included are brief clips of Will Rogers and James Dean.

"The Dennis Loomis Knot Routine" is the perfect interlude, the five to eight minutes of time when you're forced to stretch, fill a spot, cover for something (or someone) else. It's light, diverting, and entertaining. And packs well with no preparation." -Tony Chaudhuri, Napes, Flordia

Contents Include the following knots form the Dennis Loomis Knot Routine. For easy learning. All explanations are shown from the rear.

  • The Single Overhand Knot and the Disappearing overhand Knot
  • The Holding -The-Ends Knot
  • The Sliding Knot
  • The One Handed Knot
  • The Robin Hood Knot
  • Two hands, Two Knots
  • The real bow knot and the dissolving bow knot
  • The Quadruple or Chefalo Knot
  • The Knot That Tries
  • The Butterfly and Mosquito
  • The Lazy sailor Tying The Finger Eight
  • Snapping The Will Rogers Knot
  • Two lazy sailors tying two Finger Eights
  • Snapping The Will Rogers Knot with Both Hands

The Bonus Section Includes Over a dozen other knots performed & taught by Mary Mowder and Bill Spooner.

DetailsDennis Loomis Knot Routine Plus

©2003 by Loomis Magic

Running time: Unknown

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