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Fortune Telling Fish (5 pcs.)

  • Get 5 Pieces for One Price!
  • Larger Quantity Discounts Available!

Fortune Telling Fish

You receive 5 pieces!

The Classic Party Item.

This special fish found in the Far East can correctly guess someone’s personality.  Whichever way the fish curls can be translated on the back of each individual pack.   Each "fish" is approximately 3 1/2 inches long and packaged in a poly bag open on one end.

The Fortune Telling Fish is perfect for:

  • A Fun Giveaway for child assistants helping in your Show!
  • Party Favor or Birthday Goodie Bag Filler!
  • Use when Teaching Magic Lessons, Magic Camps, Workshops, etc.
  • Add your business card into the plastic envelope makes it a fun advertising tool.
  • Include in your own Magic Sets and other products!

Pro Tip: We repackage our Fortune Teller Fish in coin envelopes and add a sticker with our own list of what the movements of the fish indicate. Customizing these movement translations makes your give away different than anyone else's and modernizes this old chestnut novelty item.  These labels are easily printed on your own printer. For large quantities we suggest having the coin envelopes actually printed. Of course, add your logo, website and contact info if you're using the Fish as a promotional advertising tool. If you'd like to see how we have customized our Fortune Teller Fish envelope just send us an e-mail and we will send you a photo.

NOTE: Larger Quantity Discounts Available please contact us for bulk orders.

Skill level: Beginner. Suitable for ages 4 to adult.

(Sold For Entertainment Purposes Only - In Other Words, Don't Plan Your Life From It's Action)


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