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Jumbo 3" Penny Coin

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  • A 3" Jumbo Metal Penny
  • Use as a Climax To Your Coin Routine
  • SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

Jumbo Penny Coin

These coins are three inches in diameter!! Bright plated metal, they create quite an impression when magically produced or dropped onto the table with a clatter! There are many ways to use them. The book, Climax Coins by Jerry Mentzer, described elsewhere on this site, contains many ideas!

We also offer a Jumbo 3" Quarter and Jumbo 3" Half.

SKILL LEVEL-Experienced/Medium

Tags 3" Penny, Jumbo Penny, Metal Giant Penny, Giant Metal Coin, Metal Coin, Jumbo Coin, Three Inch Coin
Media Type Shipped Product

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