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Cigarette, Bill or Pencil Thru Quarter

  • You Don't Need to Use A Cigarette for this to Look Amazing!
  • Many Magicians Use a Pencil, Crayon or a Rolled-up Bill!
  • Skill Level - Intermediate

Cigarette, Dollar Bill, or Pencil Thru Quarter

This is truly one of the most beautiful pieces of visual magic available today! It is an old idea that has been given a powerful new dimension due to the precision-made gimmick. Since you can borrow a coin and a cigarette, pencil or even a crayon if you like, it is no longer just a pocket trick but rather an incredible miniature illusion. Such a Great Illusion in fact that even David Copperfield used this effect on one of his early TV specials. I'm sure you can find his performance of this effect on YouTube.

This is a precision-made gimmicked coin that allows you to push a cigarette through the middle of the coin. Since smoking is mostly out of fashion and restricted in many venues many magicians have invented new routines and found other objects to pass through the coin with great effect. You can use a pencil, crayon, even a tightly rolled-up dollar bill or another similar object to push through the coin. Michael Ammar has published a great routine using a pencil.

Just note that this effect is not for the casual beginner and to make it effectively work will take practice and time to master the routine. You will be more than rewarded with tremendous audience response so please invest the time it will take before performing this effect for any audience.

Manufactured by Johnson Products

Note: We are aware that one of the photos shows a Half Dollar, but you will receive a U.S. Quarter.


Media Type Shipped Product

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