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Chinatown Half by Sasco

Chinatown Half by Sasco

Only two coins are used and the Chinese coin changes place with the half dollar.

Basic Effect: American and Chinese Coins are shown to be completely examinable. They are covered with a handkerchief. The spectator is asked to see if his eyes are quicker than your hands. A coin is removed from the hanky, quickly shown to the spectator, and placed in your pocket. The spectator is asked to name which coin was removed, the Chinese coin with the hole through it or the American half dollar. When the spectator names the correct coin, you show him the coin and tell him that you'll do the trick a little faster and he must watch the trick a little slower. From this point on, the spectator is unable to name the correct coin that was removed from under the hanky.

Another Possible Effect: A half is inserted in a window envelope. A Chinese coin (half size) is placed on the outside of the
envelope. Instantly, the two coins change places. The Chinese coin is seen through the window of the envelope and the spectator must tear open the envelope to remove the coin. The envelope is unprepared.

You are supplied with a Brass replica of a Chinese coin and a gimmicked America half a dollar, head showing not Tails as in the photgraph. Complete instructions for the basic effect. You'll need to supply a matching half dollar for performance.

The book Close Up Cavalcade Finale by Jerry Mentzer included a routine by A. Berkeley Davis using this set of coins.

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