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The World's Best Bar Tricks book by Doug Lansky

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  • Amaze Your Friends with 50 Idiot-Proof Tricks!

The World's Best Simple Bar Tricks Book

By Doug Lansky

Have a blast with bar tricks that can keep the party going for hours!  Join in the fun by learning the secret of the "healed" broken matchstick...the mysteriously moving cigarette...the miraculous liquid handcuffs...and the "can-you-line-them-up?" three-glass challenge.  Here are 50 entertaining and exceptionally easy illusions, brain benders, games, gimmicks, and unnatural phenomena that require little or no physical skill to perform.  Paperback, 112 pages.


Whenever conversation fizzles, the food runs out, or boredom threatens to set in, you can get the good times rolling.  All you need are items at hand like coins, glasses, and a napkin...Plus the exciting insider information you'll find in this, the biggest, most entertaining guide to bar tricks anywhere...for great fun anytime! 


Each and every bar trick is...

  • Fully illustrated
  • Risk-free and safe
  • Great entertainment for club nights, parties, outings, sporting events.


Details: The World's Best Simple Bar Tricks 

112 pages, soft covers, perfect binding, size 8" by 5 1/2".

Illustrated by Melissa Rands

Published by Dell Publishing

Media Type Shipped Product

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