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The M.C. Bit Book

  • A Guide to Comedy Lines for The Toastmaster
  • Comedy Lines For M.C.'s & Magicians

The M.C. Bit Book

A Guide for the Toastmaster – by Algonquin McDuff

The M.C. Bit Book by Algonquin McDuff 1999 was the “20 Anniversary Edition” as told to Rhett Bryson Jr. and Dexter Cleveland, Forward by Mr. Ric Johnnson.

Comedy for Magicians – A GUIDE FOR THE TOASTMASTER

The first publication in “The McDuff Trilogy” (consisting of an aggregate total of four books – McDuff always does things strangely) was The M.C. Bit Book. Originally Published April 01, 1980, it has become a minor classic. The first press run completely sold out long ago.

The book is a compilation bits of humorous business and bits to help a M.C. keep a crowd mesmerized between acts of a magic show. 

Copiously illustrated in black and white throughout by Rhett Bryson. ‘A collection of jokes, gags, and bits of business with and without everyday household objects’. Very good indeed.

52 pages, size 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 paperback Spiral-bound pages in red card covers.

SKILL LEVEL- for the working pro.

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