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Drugs, Strangers and Other Dangers Book

  • If You Do School Assemblies, You'll Learn A Lot from This Book!

Teach Kids to Stay Healthy and Avoid...

Drugs, Strangers and Other Dangers Book

By Ron Conley

Featuring Ron's Magical Say No Show

Learn The Inside Secrets on, Booking, Promoting & Performing of this type od theme show 

This detailed manual will teach you how to present a Say No magic show for schools, malls, and other venues. You can use the material in virtually any kid-show!

After more than 1000 performances of The Magical Say No Show, Ron shares candidly how he gets the bookings, how much he is paid, where he works, who sponsors the show, and what messages he communicates during the performance. 

Reproductions of his advertising materials and give-aways, combined with his 25 years of show-business insights make this a must-have in every working performer's library. Learn from Ron's mistakes as well as his successes. Look at his publicity photos, advertising flyers, sales letters, and other promotional pieces. Most of all, discover innovative ways to teach kids how to stay safe, happy, and healthy. 

Anyone who has worked with Ron will attest that he gives freely of his information and ideas with a genuine interest in helping others. This book accurately portrays his generous personality and will make you feel that you've had a personal consultation with Ron Conley. 

Details: Drugs, Strangers and Other Dangers Book

pages, perfect bound, size 8 1/2' by 11"

Media Type Shipped Product

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