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One Man Mental Magic & More

  • Two Books in One!
  • Classic Mental Magic!

Milbourne Christopher's

One Man Mental Magic


More One Man Mental Magic

Two Booklets in One!

These TWO booklets are comprised of 16 pages, but contained in each publication, is an incredible wealth of knowledge. Each booklet teaches you a show of mental magic that can be the basis of a career! Don't pass these up!

Contents of  One Man Mental Magic:

  • Introduction
  • Guided Thoughts
  • Pinpointed Image
  • Out of Town
  • The Mentalist Solves a Murder
  • Super Psychometry
  • List of Properties

Contents of  More One Man Mental Magic:

  • Introduction
  • Magazine Test
  • The Red Writing
  • A Record Prediction
  • Special Delivery
  • One Out of 52
  • Postcard Prophecy
  • Bill Larsen's Problem
  • List of Properties

Details: One Man Mental Magic & More One Man Mental Magic

Illustrated by Dr. Jaks and Ed Mishell

16 pages, softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5 by 8.5".


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