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Mental Prediction Board

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  • A Classic Mental Prop!
  • An Amazing feat of Mind Reading!
  • Easy To Learn and Perform!

Royal Magic Presents 

The Mental Prediction Board 

The magician can predict in advance what the spectator(s) are going to say!

It is the ultimate mental effect. Regular close-up size, board.

Three examples of mind reading in one!  The magician introduces a plastic board with six spaces, that sort of look like windows, for writing on it. He writes down three predictions in three spaces on the board and covers them up.  The spectator then writes down three different pieces of information, one in each remaining space.  Slowly and deliberately, the magician reveals all three predictions he made to match the spectator's - perfectly! 

  • Designed by Professional Magicians
  • No Memory work!
  • No Sleight of Hand!
  • No Complicated Methods!
  • Step-By-Step Secret Instructions!
  • High-Quality Prop!
  • Made in The USA!

 This is a tried and tested trick that you will love to perform. The perfect pocket magic trick.

An Amazing Feat of Mind Reading!

The Magician accurately predicts a spectator's thoughts - Three Times or Three different spectator's

Skill Level: Beginner

Made in The USA


Media Type Shipped Product

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