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Auto Mental

  • A Great Pocket Trick!
  • Always Ready!
  • Simple & Easy To Do!


By Tom Fitzgerald

Auto-Mental is a handy pocket trick which you can carry with you at all times and be prepared to entertain at a moment's notice.

With Auto-Mental you hand several cards to a spectator. Each card bears a number of different names. The spectator looks over all the cards, decides on one name then hands back to the performer all the cards which bear the selected name. With only a quick glance at the cards then concentration on the spectator, the performer reveals the thought of name.

If the performer chooses, this can be "built-up" as a sort of personality reading with a comment on traits of the spectators. Or a "Cold Reading" could be done.

This is really clever adaptation of an old idea in which birth dates listed on them were used. The cards are printed on attractive card stock and come with full instructions.

Skill Level: Beginner

A Magic Methods Product

Media Type Shipped Product

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