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Diminished Ambition

  • A Card Trick With a Total Surprise!
  • Deck of Cards Diminishes to a mini Size!
  • Complete with Cards & Instructions.

Diminished Ambition

A Card Trick With a Total Surprise

This effect will stun audiences and, in the process fool a lot of your brother magicians! Imagine removing a pack of cards from its case, doing a complete "Ambitious Card" routine with a card signed by a spectator, then for a finale causing the pack to diminish to miniature size! You can do it with no palming, no lapping, no secret dumping of the large deck into a pocket, or other such rues. At the finish, the card case and the small deck, which remain on the table, can be examined by the spectators if you so choose/

"Diminished Ambition" is loosely based upon an idea of Walt Rollins from many years past. The effect, in its present form, is a real fooler and a trick you'll love to use.

NOTE: Please state in the notes section when you're checking out if you'd like Blue Or Red cards.

​Skill Level: intermediate 

A Magic Methods Exclusive Product

Media Type Shipped Product

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