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Costume Bag - Chef

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Costume Bag 

Chef version

Manufactured by Magic by Pauline!

Basic effect: Show a black bag to be empty. produce a chef's hat from the bag and place it on a kid. Now, the bag turns into a chef's apron to complete the costume. Complete routine by Jim Sisti. Chef Bag routine by Sammy Smith.

Many magicians use this Chef Costume Bag in a baking style routine using a dove pan or similar. Dresing up a young member of your audience and having them help by handing the magician ingredients for the surprise ending. This surprise is sometimes a "Foam Birthday cake" or could be a real cake, etc. Lots of comic possiblities as the child is dressed as a chef.

Note: Colors and patterns may vary. We stock other versions of the Costume Bag as well.

Skill Level: Basic, suitablke for ages 13 to adult.


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