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Willard The Wizard book Autographed by Bev Bergeron

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Autographed by the author Bev Bergeron!

Willard The Wizard

The Last of the Tent Show Magicians

By Bev Bergeron

Bev Bergeron first saw the Willard Shows in 1940, eight years later he joined the show and began an adventure that has brought him through every facet of showbusiness. 

This is a classic view of the times, seen through the affectionate eyes of a young man whose life was forever changed by the Willards.
Beginning in Ireland about 1840 with James Willard, Elder, a magic tradition began in the Willard family. At one time there were as many as five Willard the Wizards, each performing with his own large touring show. Harry Willard was the last touring Wizard. He startled the world with his thumb tie and Spirit Cabinet. Three different 2-hour shows were performed each week. Seventeen trucks carried the mysteries. It was a period when magic theatre was enjoyed by all.

Bev Bergeron's story of the Willard the Wizard Shows is a history of theatre, America, magic, and family. Told with reverence, awe, and warmth, filled with photographs, handbills, and anecdotes from others, Bev gives us a wonderful, nostalgic, and amazing look at early 20th-century magic theatre. This book was used by The Smithsonian Institution for research in their tribute to American Tent Theatre.

"One of the 12 all-time books written on the subject of magic"

Contents Include:

30 Mysteries of the Show, The Closest Guarded Secrets of Magic, Publicity, Posters, handbills, 50 Photographs, Tips on How the Master Performed, Hundreds of professional illustrations, Cueing the Spectator and Hyp Act, pater, Touring with a Tent Show, History of the Willard Show, Escapes and Marionettes.

  • The Famous Spirit Cabinet.          Floating Lady.         Vanishing Lady
  • The Willard Thumb Tie.         Canon and Nest of Boxes.         Flowers from Paper Cone
  • Box Escape.         Cremation Switch.         Goddess and the Reptile
  • Welding in the Trunk.         Vanishing Ducks.         Vanishing Bird Cage

Details: Willard The Wizard

156 pages, Hardcover with dust jacket, size 8 1/2" by 11 1/2".

Please Note: We have Very few copies of this title personally signed by the author - Bev Bergeron. If you'd like a signed copy just note that in the comments section at check out. While supplies last! In addition, we'll send you a digital photo of Bev signing the book at the Magic-Palooza Magic History Conference in Sept. of 2019.

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