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Hot Rod Ultimate Set - Regular Clear/2 forces

  • Basic Hot Rod Effect, Except includes Bonus Rods!
  • Made In The USA!
  • Skill Level: Medium

Hot Rod Ultimate Set / 2 forces

3 piece Set in Regular size Clear

Basic Effect: A rod is shown having Six different color gems on opposite sides. A spectator randomly selects one of the colors and then All of the gems on both sides of the rod magically change to that color.

With the ULTIMATE SET you receive; Two Different Rods with Two Different "Force" colors, so you can repeat the trick later for the same audience. You also receive an "Inspecatable Rod" with different colors on both sides, but made with the same gem colors, in the correct order, to match your "Force Rod". This allows you to pass out the rod to your audience before or following your performance.

Please Note:  These are the last of this item. We have the following color combinations; 1 set of Green and Lt. Blue. 1 set of Lt Blue and Dark Purple.

Made In The USA

Skill Level: Medium

Media Type Shipped Product

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