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Curtis Kam's A Girl's Best Friend Routine

  • Direct from Curtis Kam's Book!
  • "Deceptions In Paradise"

A "Jumping Gems" Set Custom Made to Perform 

Curtis Kam's "A Girl's Best Friend" Routine

A Girl's Best Friend is a Jumping Gems magical routine created by Mr. Curtis Kam printed in his book "Professional Close-Up of Curtis Kam -Deceptions In Paradise". (Published by Magic Methods and available elsewhere on this website) 

We have had our "Hot Rod" maker custom make a few sets of these "Jumping Gems" just as described in Mr. Kam's book written by Jerry Mentzer.

This is the first serious treatment of the "Jumping Gems" in years, and the only one available that answers the question "What the heck are those things?" In looking for different routines available for the "Jumping Gems", Mr. Kam came across Dick Zimmerman's handing, 'Slippery Rocks' in The Art of Close-up Magic, by Lewis Gamson. Mr. Kam considers that routine to be one of the cleverest ever for the "Jumping Gems" set. The stick called for is the one with Two diamonds at the end of the stick on one side and one diamond at each end on the opposite side of the stick. That's what we provide and we've added Mr. Kam's earring idea to the props.

Please Note: We do Not provide the printed routine instructions with this prop. If you don't have Mr. Kam's book, you'll need to order a copy to perform the routine as he describes it. The book "Professional Close-Up of Curtis Kam -Deceptions In Paradise" by Jerry mentzer is listed else where on this webiste.

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Media Type Shipped Product

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