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Cresey Throw Streamers-Black & White

  • Black & White Throw Streamers!

Cresey Throw Streamers 

Black & White pack of 24

Throw Streamers are an instant classic among magicians. They’re easy to conceal and make a stunning visual impact. Five Coiled streamers are packed into one flat disc unfurling into a cascade of dazzling color. With just a flick of the wrist these streamers soar out over 18 feet over your audience. Use multiple disks for an even more impressive display. Hand rolled and cut  by the Dave Cresey staff their throw streamers are well known for their consistent high-quality.  Each set can only be used once, you can not rewind or re-use again.

Packed 24 in a pack with basic use instruion sheet.

Some of the Many Uses for these Throw Streamers:

  • Add to your Magic Act or Ending in a Show!
  • Use to Hide a secret production!
  • Decorationg a Special Event, Celebration, party, Etc.!
  • Use in a Theatrical Play!
  • New Year's Parties!
  • Throw off A Cruise Ship as you say Bon Voyage to your friends on the dock!
  • Wedding Option rather than Rice! Their Biodegradable paper.
  • Ideal for Singing telegram deliveries!

These 5 coils of Streamers are also great to use in Air Cannons along with some confetti for a dazzling indoor "fireworks look". without all the hassle of fire permits, pyro license operators, danger of real fire, and usually a visit by your friendly local Fire Marshall. Ask us about sources for the special type cannons and the many uses for Special events, Gender reveals, Weddings, Anniversary & Birthday Celebrations, Grand Openings. Magic Methods sister company EVENT MAGIC! offers these types of Aerotechnics™ special effects in the Charlotte, NC metro markets. Call us for more details.

Skill Level: Beginner

Media Type Shipped Product

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