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SYZYGY Book - The First Six Volumes

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Exclusively From Magic Methods

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SYZYGY The Journal of Contemporary Mentalism Book

The First Six Volumes

By Lee Earle

There are very few publications that can legitimately claim they have altered the way Mentalism is presented; SYZYGY began the trend toward audience-based presentations. Editor Lee Earle accepted contributions to the newsletter on matchbooks, cocktail napkins, telephone calls, and scribbled legal paper and then rewrote them all, supplying his wordsmithing expertise and professional entertainer’s perspective that Mentalism is about the audience and not the performer.


The Fabulous List of Contributors Reads Like A Who's Who of Mentalist and The Magic Community!


The presentations within run the full gamut from mental magic to solid and incredibly impactive Mentalism. Indeed, these exclusive pages contain a celestial lineup of personalities and material.  Impromptu, Close-up, and Platform material galore, plus 80 pages of Professional & Promotional Supplements. More than 400 photos and professional illustrations.


Now, and exclusively from Eddy Wade’s Magic Methods, a very few copies are available autographed by the author and editor Lee Earle.  It is highly unlikely this hardbound book will see additional copies printed, so get yours today. Supply is very limited!


Five hundred twenty-eight 81/2 x 11-inch pages offer over 270 full routines, hundreds of photos and illustrations, interviews, and professional advice from the top professional and amateur performers around the world. 


DetailsSYZYGY The Journal of Contemporary Mentalism - The First Six Volumes

528 pages, over 400 photographs, hardbound, size 8 1/2" by 11"


Skill Level: Intermediate




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