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David Copperfield's Project Magic Booklet

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David Copperfield's Project Magic Booklet

We have a VERY FEW Original copies of the David Copperfield Project Magic Training Manuals. 

Project Magic is an innovative program that uses magic as a form of therapy for people with physical, psychological, and social disabilities. 

Project Magic was developed by David Copperfield, the world-renowned magician, as a result of repeated letters he received from an aspiring magician. Judging from the handwriting, David believed the magician to be an elementary school student. Soon after, David learned that the "grade schooler" was actually a young man in his twenties who lived life in a wheelchair. The childlike handwriting was a result of his disability.

Using the art of magic, this young man had more abilities - not less abilities - than the average person. With that realization, David thought of a way to inspire, reach, and help other people with disabilities. That way was Project Magic. David, along with Julie DeJean, O.T.R., organized Project Magic in 1981 as an innovative way to help individuals with disabilities during their therapy process. In 1982, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) formally endorsed Project Magic.

Project Magic has since been developed, implemented, and guided to international status. Project Magic programs have been established in nearly every state in the USA, and 30 foreign countries. It has provided motivation, enhanced self-esteem, and increased hope while contributing an alternative approach for therapeutic gains to thousands of individuals of all ages.


Contents Include; 25 illustrated tricks. Each Effect is described from the audience's view, then the Method or secret of each trick is explained, including what prop you'll need. Then step-by-step instructional details with illustrations. Information on Performing Requirments and Therapeutic Goals for the routine are explained. Some tricks include Adaptations and Additional Advice for the performance.


The Jumping Rubber Band

The Challenge Jumping Rubber Band

Linking Paper Clips

Think Of A Number

The Dissolving Knot

Ring on a String

Puzzling Pencil

Broken and Restored Match

The Impossible Knot

Simple Suspension

Snap Knot

Cutting a Woman in Half

Changing Spots

Penetrating Matches

Magic Impossible

Two-Handed Instant Knot

Rising Cards

Choose Your Object

A Mystifying Number Trick

The Anti-Gravity Matches

Pencil Through Hanky


Red, White, and Blue Mental Effect

Mystic Papers

Knife or Pencil Suspension


Details: David Copperfield's Project Magic Booklet

Published in 1982. 75 Pages, Plastic laminated covers, Com binding, Size 9" by 11"

Note: This is not to be confused with the current version. of the P.M. Manual, which is hardbound and includes more tricks and info. Contact us if Project Magic interest you and we will send you links to more info.

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