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Adams 101 Magic Tricks Book

  • A Rare Find! Not Used.
  • A booklet with Tricks using Rope, Dice, Cards, Coins, Rings, Paper, etc.
  • This is a Vintage 1960's Book!

Vintage, A Rare Find!

Adams 101 Magic Tricks Book*

Anyone Can Do!

Written by By Charles M. Bedford

No Skill or No Sleight-of-Hand Required!

A booklet with Tricks using Rope, Dice, Cards, Coins, Rings, Paper, numbers, pencils, hankerchiefs, cigarettes, etc. In addition, there are Puzzles, Gags, Brian-Twisters, and Party Games.

From the introduction of the booklet - The various tricks, puzzles, games, and gags contained in this booklet are the cream of many hundreds that were considered. They were selected not only because the effects were good, but also because of their simplicity. The required equipment such as coins, matches, a pack of playing cards, etc. are articles that can be found in almost any home.

Details: Adams 101 Magic Tricks Book

© Charles M. Bedford

32 Pages, softcovers, saddle-stitched, size 4 1/4" by 6".

*These are highly collectible because the orginial S.S. Adams Co., in Neptune, NJ, is no longer manufacturing. The remaining business assets were sold to another company, who is triumphally carring on the Adams name, but have not reproduced this booklet. The copies we have are in Like New Condition from the 1960s.

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