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The Mystic Ruby

  • A Different Type of Hot Rod Style Effect!

The Mystic Ruby

Basic Effect: A black plastic rod is shown with Two Diamonds and a Red Ruby then the fun starts! The Red Ruby and Diamonds continually change places with each other! First to the middle and then to the other End and so on! A Very baffling Effect! Rod can be examined at the end of the routine.

A Six Phase Routine!

  • A Red Ruby is shown between the two Diamonds on both sides of the Black Rod!
  • You Shake the rod and the ruby is now above the Diamonds. 
  • Squeeze the Center Diamonds. The Red Ruby is back in it's place. 
  • Pull down on the Red Ruby. It is now at the bottom.   
  • Flick the bottom of the black plastic Rod and the Red Ruby is back in the middle again. 
  • Slide the Red Ruby on one side to the top and leave the other Ruby in the middle. 

Skill Level: Intermediate

If you can do the Paddle Move well, you can effortlessly perform this effect.

Made In The USA!

Media Type Shipped Product

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