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Mad Skills Street Magic

  • Get Magic Skills!
  • Over 40 Tricks!
  • Online Video Instrucions!

Mad Skills Street Magic

The Magic Mad Skillz Street Magic Set teaches young magicians tricks no one will forget. With 40 easy to learn illusions and a bunch of high quality magic props, kids can take their magic act to the next level. Amaze the audience with the Scarf through phone trick, a floating phone, A self-tying shoelace, a magical bandana, and much more! The instruction booklet was written by professional magician Ryan Oakes who teaches how all the tricks are performed and includes codes to unlock how-to videos online.

The box Includes a Scarf (100% polyester) with “phone trick” piece, a magician’s special deck of cards, 10 funny cards, a 4-piece card fake-out, a levitation tool, a shoelace (20in/50.8cm), 4 paper bills, a nested box set, Penny/dime prop, charcoal stick, metal ring, secret pocket bandana (100% polyester) and instructions. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

  • They won't believe their eyes!
  • 40 edgy magic tricks to amaze your family and friends!
  • Tricks include scarf through phone, floating phone, self tying shoelace, magical bandana, a trick deck of playing cards and many more!
  • Includes a Scarf, phone Trick, magic cards, levitation tool, shoelace, paper bills, boxes, coin prop, charcoal, ring, bandana and instructions.
  • Online Videos Avaibkle for Easy Learning!
  • Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.
  • The Phone is Not included in the box!


Note: Because of the box package size there is a $2.00 additional handling fee added to the shipping cost.

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