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Hat Tear - Wizard/USA

Hat Tear - Wizard Style

10 Per Package

Made In The U.S.A.

The Basic Effect: Two different colors of tissue paper are torn up, a magical gesture, a wave of your wand and the pieces have transformed into a Wizard's Hat.

We supply you with printed instructions and Ten premade hats and the extra paper to tear all folded and ready to use.  If this is your first time learning this trick, we suggest you practice a few times in front of a mirror before performing this in front of an audience. You'll need to decide what you'll like to say during the routine and what actions are necessary to perform the trick successfully. Note that this is a One Time use item, they are not reusable and are intended to be given to your volunteer.

This routine is perfect for:

  • Family Shows, School & Church Events!
  • Themed Birthday Parties IE: Harry Potter, Magic, Merlin the Wizard!
  • After Formed Hat is made it is also a great Decoration for Parties, Table Center Pieces, etc.
  • Educational Events where you talk about the history of the Magic Art, etc.!
  • Children's performances!

Several Routine Suggestions:

You might want to add in a few other props to really make this into a longer & funnier routine. We suggest allowing a volunteer wave a wand over the paper to cause it to change. Of course, use a "Break Away" wand for the extra laughs as it breaks on you! You might also like to produce a "Mouth Coil" of multicolor paper from the hat after it has been "created".

Skill Level: Beginner

Media Type Shipped Product

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