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Gems A Hoppin

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  • Hot Rod Style Effect!
  • Blank Rod Suddley Has Gems!
  • Gems Multiple to Two and Move to One End!


A Fun & Different Hot Rod style Effect!

Basic Effect; A Diamond appears on a Blank gleaming plastic rod --first on One side, then the other. Then another Diamond appears! They slide together, then Apart!

More Detailed Routine of what the audience sees: The Performer displays a black plastic rod showing that it is Blank on both sides. Suddenly a Diamond type gem appears on one end of the stick and then the other. The rod is pushed through the fist and the Diamond jumps from one end to the other. Then a pivot of the stick to show that there are two Diamonds on each side of the stick. Finally, one of the Diamonds is pulled down to the end of the stick next to the other one! The stick is then handed out for inspection to show that there are two Diamonds together on one side and two Diamonds at opposite ends of the stick on the other side.

Note: the Gems are not real Diamonds but fake crystals.

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Made in the USA!

Media Type Shipped Product

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