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Double Tailed Half Dollar Coin

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  • Double Tails Half Dollar Coin!
  • Two-Tailed Half!

Double-Side Coin - Half Dollar / Tails

A double-sided trick coin is one that has been precision machined from real US currency to be double-sided with Tails or Heads showing on each side of the coin.

This is a trick coin that many folks have maybe heard about but never seen or knew that it really existed. This is a very worthwhile gaff to own and is highly underused these days in the realm of magic. Many routines using the selection process of elimination as in Mentalism routines would be one way of using a coin such as this.

Please Note: We stock Half Dollars, Quarters, Nickels and Pennies with either both sides being Heads or Tails. To prevent confusion in packing your order, Each type has a separate listing on this website, please double check your selections as to the type you order.

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