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The Devil's Bottle (Bologna) Coke™

  • Shattering Bottles!
  • Limited Quantities Available!

Limited Quantities Remain

The Devil's Bottle 

AKA - Bologna Bottle (pronounced Baloney)

Coca Cola™ Soda Bottle 8 oz Version

As Seen On Television Magic Special's - Now You Can Perform this Explosive Effect in Your Special Shows!

Effect: A spectator is asked to inspect a Coca Cola™ bottle to make sure that it is solid. It can be hit with a solid piece of wood or banged on a hard wooden table to show it to be virtually indestructible. You take the bottle back and concentrate on it and within a few seconds, the bottle explodes exactly on your command.  There are also other variations on the handling.

Unlike some other dealer's that sell this item, these were made in the USA, so the writing on the bottles is in English rather than Chinese!

How this works and How You Can Use It:  Bologna Bottles, also known as The Devil's Bottles, have been around for many years and were often seen in science experiments, the bottles we supply are genuine Coca Cola™ bottles and are totally examinable. They are made by heating the individual bottles to around 1260 degree temperatures and then rapidly cooling just the inside, while slowly cooling the outside.  This technical process puts incredible tension on the glass on the inside of the bottle and even though you can hit it hard on a wooden surface, it won't break. Do not hit the bottle with say a metal pipe, as it could possibly break before you've performed the effect. To cause it to break it, you drop something small and brittle in it, something like a small piece of broken glass, a nail, small piece of metal, or piece of broken ceramic.  In my personal routine, I use this after demonstrating the Exploding Light bulb effect in a plastic bag, then carefully (wearing gloves) remove one of the shards of its glass and drop into the Bologna Bottle. At this point, you can have a spectator hold the bottle (I suggest having them wear goggles and gloves and hold the bottle over a trashcan or other container). You can either hold the piece of glass in your hand and as you hold the top of the bottle, just secretly drop it inside (in my routine, I go into some detail about what they saw with the light bulb and they actually see me put the shard of glass in the bottle) now wait or you can have something inside already (dropped it in very carefully, so as not to cause an early explosion) and just shake it and wait and it will just shatter on its own. The routine possibles are only limited by your imagination.

A Few Thoughts on Use: Now we realize these bottles aren't cheap. This effect is something special you'd only want to use at a very special performance, not at your everyday Birthday party gig. This effect is when you need to make an impressive impression on a special audience. If you're videotaping a performance for your promotional reel this would make an excellent visual stunner, if you're appearing on your local morning TV talk show, etc.

Included with each purchase is a six-page booklet on how these bottles are made, performance ideas, and how to make your own bottles if you'd like to try all you really need is the knowledge and a kiln.

NOTE: We offer this effect in a Corona Extra™ Beer bottle as well, see elsewhere on the site for individual listing. We offer discounts on multiple purchases (minimum of 5) bottles and you can mix Coke™ and Corona™ Beer bottles too. Contact us.

Skill Level: Advanced

Media Type Shipped Product

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