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Cheek to Cheek Deck

  • Easy To Do!
  • Card Mystery with A Climax!

A Card Trick with a Startling Climax!

Cheek to Cheek Deck

Enardoe Back deck

Basic effect: The deck is shuffled, half face up and half face down. Tap the, cards, all are face down except the selected card. Amazing.  Easy To Do! This special deck does all the work.

a longer effect is also possible adding extra shuffles and "moves" for the advanced card worker. The audience sees the perfomer ribbon spread a deck out on to the table some cards are face up and some face down. Earlier the performer can have shown the deck shuffled. You turn your head and a specatator selects Any face-Up card, remembers it and returns it toany section of the deck face down. You return and scoop up the cards, squaring up the deck, inquire the name of the card, the instant they name thier card, spread the deck out on the table once more in a long ribbon spread and every card in the deck will be face down with the exception of their selected card. Could have been signed if you'd like too!

Additional Details: 

  • Backs are Blue
  • Bridge size cards
  • Deck was Printed in Belgium

Skill Level: Beginner 

Media Type Shipped Product

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