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Fire Can

  • Fire Becomes Water!
  • Then Produce Dry Handkerchiefs, Etc.

Fire Can

Basic Effect:

The magician shows a metal can and a lid which he places on his table. He strikes a match and drops it into the can. Fire shoots up out of the can and magician immediately covers it with the lid to put out the flames. When the lid is removed, Magician pours water from the can! He turns it upside down to get the very last drop. That's not all.. now he reaches into the can and produces a large number of silks, sponge balls, streamers, and other items. And as if that's not enough, as a finale, magician pours MORE water from the very same can!

Shipped with metal can and instructions. Production items, silks, sponge balls, streamers, etc. are not included but are sold separately. 

Please Note: Because of the nature of this effect using real fire we can only sell this product to those over the age of 18 years.

Skill Level - Basic

Made in India

Media Type Shipped Product