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Milk Can Escape

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Houdini Style Milk Can Escape

 One Only - Unknown Manufacturer -

You too can perform Harry Houdini's Famous Milk Can Escape. Fill the can with water, submerge yourself, an assistant or two place a curtain or screen around the can, make your escape. You will be required to read and sign a Waiver of Liability prior to purchase.

Failure Means a Drowning Death! 

Here is a description of Houdini's classic escape:  A large "Milk Can" made of galvanized steel is examined and filled with water.  The performer is handcuffed and steps into the can.  As he squeezes himself down inside, the water dramatically rushes over the rim of the can.  The assistants quickly force the lid onto the Milk Can and place the padlocks through the hasps to secure it in place.  A display clock starts, and a curtain is placed around the Milk Can.  Minutes go by and the audience grows restless.  Finally, the drenched escapist comes crashing through the curtains--alive!  The Milk Can is then revealed to still have its lid completely locked tight in place.

NOTES: Please Read-----

This prop is from Eddy Wade's personal collection and performed by him only twice in public.'s slightly used. It is suggested that the buyer NOT attempt to perform this most real and dangerous escape. This prop would be a nice addition to someone's magic collection for display or in a venue as a conversation piece. The curtain is not supplied.

Serious Inquires may call or e-mail. The method of escape will only be revealed to the buyer.

Disclaimer: Waiver of Immunity

The buyer will be required to sign an agreement with the full knowledge and understanding that Eddy Wade nor Magic Methods is responsible should the purchaser attempt escaping from the Milk Can and be injured or cause death.

The Top of the can is made of Stainless steel and requires two locks, which may be supplied by audience members or local police officers. When Eddy first performed this escape in the early 1980's at a Disco, a police officer was present and supplied two locks along with handcuffs on Eddy's hands before he submerged. 


Standing Height:


Weight without water: 


It would be better for the buyer to pick this item up at our warehouse, in person. Shipping will require a crate to be built to hold the can and shipping by truck freight. These will be an additional cost to the purchaser.

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Only 1 left!