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Gag Bag Zippered

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  • A Fun & Unique Trick!
  • Bag Changes Color 5 Times as you Turn It Inside Out!

Ickle Pickle Presents

The Zippered Gag Bag

This is the standard style Gag Bag except for a zipped pocket at the end has been added.  Fabric design varies depending on availability.

Basic Effect: A cloth bag is shown with a multi-color outside and a red inside. Turn inside out to show the inside. When returned, the outside has changed, turn again and it's different, again and again. ‚ÄčThe small cloth bag used in this routine changes colors FIVE times! This style Gag Bag has a zippered pouch at the end of the color changes to hold whatever you want to place inside--within reason! Message silks, latex egg, fruit or bottle, balloons, sponge items, money, etc. any of these items work well.

The GagBag was invented and made famous by comedy magician Van Cleve in the 1960s & 1970s and when perforemd by him the laughs were nonstop. A possible routine is to tell your audience that your next effect is in the bag. As you look inside the bag and turn it inside out it changes color you continue as the audience laughs until the bag has made the five color chnages and you come to the zippered pocket where you remove whatever you'd like to show the audience. 

Chris Carey offered a routine in his book, "Do The Stuff That's You" and also presented it in his show titled "The Fun Factory" were upon he was looking for his dog in the bag and pulled out things related to his dog at every color change. The items he produced werea  bone, a collar, a leach, until he got to the zipper pocket and then pulled out several balloons. This was his introduction to making a giant balloon dog for a little girl in the audience. Look for the book for all the details. 

In my personal routine for the GagBag, I use it as an audience warm-up, I tell the audience I found the bag in the parking lot on the way into the venue. I ask if it belongs to anyone? I proceed with the color changes as I use various comedy lines, ususally writen for the specific audience, bits of business, etc.  I sometimes end with a prize found in the pocket, drawing a number, or a $20. bill in the pocket that has a signature or phone number on it.

Please Note: the Bag pictured in the photos may Not be what you receive as we receive different colors with each shipment, our stock is assorted colors.

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Only 2 left!