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Triple Coverage

  • Updated version of the Magician's Insurance Policy Comedy Card Effect
  • Includes THREE Different Card Predictions
  • Includes Comedy Lines, Just Read them from the "Policy"

Triple Coverage – A Comedy Card Effect

This is Magic Methods version of a classic comedy card trick made for the professional performer, complete with 3 large foldable cards and vinyl Insurance holder.

Here is a super version of the “Magician’s Insurance Policy” trick. Best of all from the close up entertainer’s viewpoint, it is an excellent bargain because it comes complete with three different policies each size 11 by 17 inches. One reveals the King of Hearts, one the Seven of Clubs, and the third the Three of Hearts. You can, therefore, repeat the trick before the same group and not always have the same card revealed. The policies, printed on good quality paper,come complete in a special vinyl carrying case as illustrated! The instructions provide directions and gags for the “Insurance Policy” Routine. Plus a very nice added routine which utilizes a signed card and the vinyl carrying case.

SKILL LEVEL-Basic. Suitable for ages 16 to adult.

An Exclusive Magic Methods Product

Tags Magician's Insurance, Magic Insurance Policy, Comedy Card Effect
Media Type Shipped Product

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