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Steel Ball and Tube Trick

  • As You Wave Your hand Over The Ball, It Will Lower Itself into The Tube!
  • Easy To Do!
  • A Great Close-up Pocket Trick
  • Suitable for Beginners in Magic!

The Steel Ball and Tube Trick

A small steel ball bearing and a steel tube are passed to the audience for examination. The ball, is placed on top of the tube, it being too large to pass into the steel tube. The performer, without touching the ball, holding the tube only, commands the ball to slowly lower into the tube, then rise again, explaining that is a simple demonstration of mind over matter. Everything is then immediately passed out to the audience for inspection. Complete with instructions.

No Skil Required, No Magnets,  No Threads, No complicated Sleight of Hand required

Suitable for ages 7 years and up!

Skill Level: Beginner


Tags Close-up Trick, Steel Ball and Tube, EZ Magic, Magic Trick
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